PRACTICAL TEST
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Current test fee is £62.00 (weekdays), £75.00 (weekends).

You have to pass in the theory & hazard perception test before you can apply for the practical driving test. The practical driving test is a test on your ability to drive safely, complete the set exercises and demonstrate to the examiner through your driving that you have a thorough knowledge of the Highway Code.

You will be ready for the test when you have reached the standard set out in The Official Driving Test book. Your instructor will inform you when you are ready for this.
At this point you will be able to drive consistently well, with confidence and without help or guidance from your driving instructor. Waiting until you are ready will in the end save you money. Ask your instructor to carry out a mock test to provide you with a true reflection of your driving in readiness for the test, your instructor can arrange for another instructor from our school to take the mock test as this will be a realistic simulation of the actual practical test.

Your practical test will last approx 40 minutes At the start of your test you will be asked to read in good daylight (with the aid of glasses or contact lenses if worn) a registration mark fixed to a motor vehicle with letters and figures 79.4 millimetres high at a distance of 20.5 metres (20 metres for a new style number plate). If you fail the eyesight test, you will be unable to take the practical test.
You will be asked to carry out two set exercises: (1)A turn in the road, a reverse around a corner (90 degree or rounded) a reverse park (either into a bay parking space or behind a car) You may be asked to carry out an (2)emergency stop. (one in three candidates are asked to carryout this exercise).

You will also be required to carry out safety checks on your vehicle. This will be carried out with the examiner asking you two questions from the Show Me Tell Me exercise. (Details are shown on another page of this website).

After you have passed the test you are on probation for two years, if you obtain six or more penalty points you will lose your licence and will have to reapply for a provisional licence and start all over again.

Preparing For Your Driving Test Below is a link direct to the DSA website. This page is about structured training and private practice.
1st Choice base all their training around the DSA syllabus and as a result we also use student records to show you your progress as you work along the our syllabus.

Below is a list of the nearest theory test centres to Grimsby.
Grimsby Sargon Way
Great Grimsby Business Park
Great Coates Grimsby
DN37 9PH.

Zenith House
North Holme Road Louth,
LN11 0HQ. This is not a full time Test Centre, test dates are subject to demand and availability.

Scunthorpe Off Ferry Road West
Scunthorpe South Humberside
DN15 8UH.

Chamberlain Road
East Yorkshire
HU08 8HL.

Shaftesbury Avenue Intake
DN02 6DT
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