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Prices 2018

Terms and Conditions.
01. Monthly Special: Cannot be taken in conjunction with any other offer currently being advertised. This offer only applies to new clients wishing to book the first initial block booking of 5hrs (manual) and can only be applied once. 5 hr offer will be taken as 1 x 2hr first lesson, then 2 x 1.5 hrs. You may then go on to buy more lessons from our Block Bookings or simply pay by our hourly rates. The Automatic 5 hr beginners course offer will be taken as 1 x 2hr first lesson, then 2 x 1.5 hrs.

02. Driving Assessment: Cannot be taken in conjunction with any other offer currently being advertised. This offer only applies to new clients wishing to join 1st Choice who are not beginners, i.e had previous road experience or held licences from outside the UK. You may then go on to buy more lessons from either the 5, 10, 20 hr Block Booking or simply pay by our hourly rates.

03. Block Bookings: 5, 10, 20 hours: 1st Choice have designed the Block Bookings to save you money. These courses can be taken in 1hr, 1.5 hrs and 2 hr slots at a time. If you wish to increase the intensity of the course you may do so simply speak to your instructor.

04. Pass Plus Course: Covers 6 modules that will take a minimum of 6 hrs, this is usually taken in 1 day. However if the course cannot be completed in a day we will rollover the amount of time needed to complete the course to another day with no extra cost.

05. Driving Licenses and Fitness To Drive: You must hold a current, valid driving license, provisional, full or international, and produce it on your first training session. You must be fit to drive with regard to legal and medical requirements. If you require spectacles/contact lenses to drive you must bring these to every lesson, if you do not bring them and the lesson cannot commence you will still be charged for the lesson booking time.

06. Pupil Cancellations: Unless 24 hours notice is given lessons must be paid for as the lesson slot could have been available for another pupil. However if you and your instructor can rearrange the lesson for a different time in the same week a fee will not be charged. In the event that the pupil does not show for the lesson, the instructor will wait for 15 minutes before leaving. The lesson will then be presumed cancelled and the pupil must pay for the lesson time allocated or in the case of a block booking the time will be deducted from the amount of hours left in the block. The instructor will inform via text or phone call that he/she has waited for the 15 minutes and is now leaving the arranged pick up point.

07. Instructor’s Cancellations: Instructors will give the same period for cancellations as above. However if he/she needs to cancel due to i.e. vehicle problems, bad weather he/she can cancel at any time and reschedule your lesson in that same week if possible. A mutual date and time must be agreed by both instructor and pupil, if not the lesson will go ahead at the next arranged lesson, usually the following week.

08. Responsibility: We cannot be held responsible for driving tests postponed by the Driving Standards Agency. If your test is cancelled on the day by the DVSA due to bad weather, sickness or staff shortages the DVSA will re-book your test free of charge. 1st Choice however will still have to charge for the time allocated. This time can be claimed back from the DVSA for sickness and staff shortages but not for weather issues.

09. Road Safety: We reserve the right to withdraw our cars for tests without notice should the pupil in the instructors opinion not to be up to test standard or book the test without the instructor’s knowledge.

10. Instructor’s Safety: The instructor can at anytime cancel driving lessons if he/she feels threatened in any way. The lesson will still have to be paid for in full if the lesson has commenced.

11. Drink/Drugs Driving: If at anytime an instructor has suspicion that you are under the influence of drink or drugs (prescribed or otherwise) or any other condition that would cause your driving to be dangerous or illegal he/she will not give the lesson, you will however still be charged for the lesson duration time.

12. Cancellation of pre-paid block booking: The cancellation of block bookings will result in all the hours you have taken, added up and you will be charged at the appropriate current full hourly rate. The refund will be the remaining figure (i.e. 10 hr booking paid for but only 5 hours taken. Example of calculation 5 hrs x £23 = £115, you paid £220 for the block minus the £115 = £95) Therefore your final refund will be £95.

13. Refunds: All refunds are the sole responsibility of your instructor as he/she have received all monies and is a franchisee of 1st Choice Driving School not an employee.

14. Personal Property: 1st Choice Driving School or the schools instructors accept no liability for personal property that is left in the tuition vehicle. However we will endeavour to return any items found at the earliest opportunity.

15. Tuition Vehicles: The schools cars are fully insured for the purpose of driver training. They are taxed, have a current MOT (where needed) and fitted with dual controls. We do allow driving lessons to be conducted in the pupils own car if required, although the learner must be of a particular level of driving experience, the car must be fully insured, taxed and if appropriate have a valid MOT. These documents may be required to be shown to the driving instructor before the lesson commences.
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